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Kinkos Store Near Me

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Here I am going to discuss the Kinkos near me the main objective of this article is to reach you Kinko’s store. The Kinkos has officially related from the FedEx office this company has the store of the printing, shipping, and have the binding service as well.the company has the turnover of every week is $14 million dollars.

The article has contained the lot of information how to use map, how can reach the store and many more.let discuss more the Kinkos locations which are described below.

Kinkos near me


Kinkos Locations

The map tells about the Kinkos locations near me. The books is necessary so it requires the care so it is necessary to go the Closed Kinkos store which can help you since they are not expanded in more areas but the map can help you. The use of map not to be complicated on the first click it displays the current locations, and delay for the few minute to seek your near Kinko’s store. After the second click, it will be fixed to treat the path for the store and it works as the GPRS works.

Kinkos Wiki

It is the store of the printing, shipping, binding and copying services. The main competitor of the FedEx office is the UPS store.Paul Orfeo as the co-founder of the company because of their curly hair the company possesses the title. Its first shop was opened by the Orfeo sidewalk copy machine. They leave the company because of the dispute of the investor Clayton. The disentrelaging makes them an effort for the lawyers at the Gibson. This company shares the $400 million to achieve the $2100 million earning. But due to some setback, they are not success but they are still trying.

Each store is provided the self-service feature color and monochrome photocopier. Digital photo printer, fax machine, and many computers themes. The company has provided a lot of convenience for the customers but they are not profitable.

Customer service:            +1 800-463-3339

Headquarters:                    Plano, Texas, United States

Founder:                              Paul Orfalea

Founded:                             1970

CEO:                                      Brian Philips 

Parent organizations:         FedEx, FedEx Corporate Services Inc

Kinkos near me

Kinkos Store Locator

The Kinkos locator provides the locations of your near store and in your locality. The use of this tools is very simple the given link can help you in many assumptions. This is the better method to find a Kinkos near me.

Fedex Kinkos Near Me

Kinkos Store App

For the customer and visitors, the company has organized the app which avoids the discomfort the visitor can be easy makes the link with it. You can possess the idea of new services. The economic value can be reduced from the past.


Kinkos Store Contact with Social Media

Now the social media is very useful and it has a lot of advantage. The new services can be shared on the media the media like facebook, twitter is known as the professional to provide the more. The company has provided the column of the comment through which you can give the suggestions to overcome the drawbacks.

Kinkos Page on Facebook:  Kinkos Facebook

Kinkos Page on Twitter:  Kinkos Twitter

Kinkos Page on Google+:  Kinkos Google+

Kinkos Page on LinkedIn:  Kinkos LinkedIn

Kinkos Page on Instagram:  Kinkos Instagram

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