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Chicken Location Near Me

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Looking for the best crispy fried chicken the church’s chicken is the place to be. The site offers various sorts of exotic delicacies to spin your taste buds off for a spin and also make it the best that you can find out there.

After reading this article, you will know all there is to know about church’s chicken and also tell the Chicken restaurant near me there is and also Chicken near me.

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Chicken Places Near Me

Church’s Chicken can be found at a lot of places in and around America as the brand serves in almost all across the globe. Mostly the best way to locate the Church’s Chicken near me would be to use Google maps. What this does is that it helps the individual in finding the closest Church’s Chicken restaurant and also finding what kind of ambiance that they would like. All of this is done, but Google maps accessing your IP address and also your GPS to pinpoint your exact location and helps in guiding you better to the church’s chicken nearby. It also shows you the estimated time that may take by the individual if they go by walk or by any other mean of transportation. The other way would be by calling up the customer care service number for further guidance. The place is not that hard to find but has an excellent customer care service that helps you in reaching the chicken shop near me and also get there without any problems. If the two methods don’t favor you in any way possible, then you can ask a friend or an individual to guide you through the church’s chicken locations nearby. It can be helpful as you have direct contact and can help you out better.

Church’s Chicken Wiki

Church’s Chicken is an American fast food chain of restaurants which primarily serves in the United States of America but also in other countries as well. The company y was first started on April 17, 1952, and been running ever since making it the 4th largest chain of fried chicken fast food chain of restaurants worldwide. George W Church Sr started the company. Ever since it’s Advent the way that people tend to look at fried chicken is completely different. They have their headquarters situated in Atlanta, Georgia, United States of America. The company employs over 1700 people and is located well over 1660 locations and serving in over 30 countries. The company first started out with on fried chicken which became a rapid success and then slowly began to include french fries, mashed potatoes, Cole slaw and other sorts of side dishes that made the chain of restaurants very popular. In America, it is known as Church’s Chicken, but in Asia and other places outside of America, it is known as Texas chicken. But primarily most of the outlets are co-franchised with other stores such as White Castle etc. It made it expand to a wider audience and reach greater heights in no time at all.

Website –

church's chicken near me, chicken restaurants near me

Church’s Store Locator

Locating on of the stores of church’s chicken isn’t that big of a deal. It is very easy to find. To discover the Churchs restaurants near me, all you need to do is log into Google maps. What this shows is that it pinpoints the same location of the outlet and also tell you the shortest route to the place. The other way would be to use the number or the website of church’s chicken to track down the particular location that you are looking for. It is the best way there is that you can find the Chicken food near me as they tell you on the latest developments and also guide you through the different kinds outlets they have in every state. Moreover, there are a lot more stores that can be tracked down by asking someone as they red logo with a star which makes it pretty easy to know where the nearest Church’s Chicken restaurant might be situated.

Church’s Chicken Locations

Church’s Chicken App

The app is very much designed keeping the consumer in mind and also by keeping much of the feedback that they get into consideration as well. This an excellent app to use on the go as it lets you do many things. The app lets you access content in two languages namely Spanish and English. Other than this you can even browse the content and check out the menu to place an order through it. You keep getting updates on new deals and offers that come by in the outlets. Moreover, you also get rewarded with points by which you can collect them and redeem something big for free. Yup can also get in touch with the company and give your valuable feedback which is taken into very strict consideration. Also, the app lets you find the fried Chicken restaurant near me there is around you and get there as quick as possible. Not only this but the app also enables you to on with great deals which make your experience a beneficial one. Other than that the app is just useful for everyone as they can place their order and don’t have to wait in the long queues but just go to the near Church’s Chicken and pick up your order. Below given through which you can download the church’s chicken apps from.


Church’s Chicken on Social Media

Church’s Chicken is a chain of fast food restaurant that is always on the go and always interactive with the latest of stuff. They have a huge fan following as well which keeps expanding day after day. All this is made sure by the contents that they post over on social media to get directly in touch with the customer and also interact with them. Below are the links that are given which will enable you to follow them and also let you know what is the latest trends that are going on at church’s chicken.

Church’s chicken Page on facebook – Church’s chicken facebook 

Church’s chicken Page on twitter – Church’s chicken twitter

Church’s chicken Page on Instagram – Church’s chicken Instagram

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