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Barnes and Noble Near Me

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Barnes and Noble are considered to the biggest and the larger retail bookseller in the USA. Considered as a fortune 500 company it is one the country’s leading retailers of Media, Content, and other various products of education and business as well. As of this press year, the company y has well over 638 retail stores all across 50 US States. The company is situated in New York City, and it’s headquarters are at 122 fifth avenue.

The company was founded by Charles M Barnes, William Barnes, G. Clifford Noble and Leonard Riggio. They started the company in the year 1886 where they opened their first bookstore in New York City. Ever since then the company has expanded in various domains and providing all sorts of content along with books. They are a multi-billion dollar company as of date with well over 29,000 employees. Here we will tell you how can you find Barnes and Noble near me or closest Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble Near Me

Barnes and Noble Store Near Me

Barnes and Noble have a lot of stores across the country. These are huge and have a lot of books as well as other events taken place in here. The outlets are a major part of their diverse expansion as well as they host a lot of launches for new books every week. They stores can be located with the help of Google maps. The best feature of Google Maps is that it accurately pinpoints your location and gives an exact estimation of how far the place is from your location. All this is possible when you allow the app to get your GPS location and your IP address as well. Google maps also notify you on how much time will it take on the distance that out might be covering per min. There are various other ways actually to know the closest Barnes and noble store near you, but then this is the most efficient way to know how and where exactly the place is that you are looking.

Barnes and Noble Wiki

Barnes and Noble have stores almost everywhere, and it isn’t that hard to even find the place as it is pretty famous and 2 out of 3 people in America sure will know this place. But then even then you don’t find it the best option is to contact the company directly. It has many advantages as you will not only come to know where the closest store is but also enable you to understand the current proceedings and events at every store which ever you feel like knowing. The customer care number is given below:

Customer Service Number: (800) 962-6177

1-800-THE-BOOK ( basically you can call up different people regarding your boon as they provide you with a different format or code for any queries whatsoever regarding the book that you purchased or knowing more about the various kinds of things which are going around in the company. For inquiries regarding an order which might be placed in the bookstore and needs to be delivered to your home or if you want to write some feedback the call on (800) 962-6177 or email them at

Barnes and Noble Near Me, barnes and noble store locator

Barnes and Noble Store Locator

Barnes and Noble Store Locator is the best option to reach the nearest Barnes and Noble. Locating the nearest Barnes and Noble store near you could be a problem at first, but then there are three different ways which can ensure that you find the store of your convenience. The first one would be to use the website and locate the store that you are interested. It is a very handy way as it not only tells you the address but also gives you the exact information about the store on a map and enables you to decide whether or not you need to go or not. Not only this but it also tells you the various programs or functions which are running in each of the outlets. It might be handy for someone, or something unexpected might turn up which you could be waiting. That’s the second way it to use Google maps again. It is because it is very user-friendly and also helps in making the Barnes and Noble Store near me now appear at first and then show the far off distance. Also, it gives you the option to enter the zip code, and it’ll display all the different stores in that area. Not only this but also keeps updating you in newer and newer things which are happening in the warehouse which you may have liked. The third way is to ask someone or finds your way using a map yo get to the closest Barnes and Noble store. It is the least conventional way as in this generation every one of them has a smartphone which helps them to know the exact location of everything at the tip of their fingers.

Barnes & Noble Store Locator

barnes and noble store locator

Barnes and Noble App

This brand provides the App for their smartphone users, this is the best way to make their user happy and satisfied. Most of the users can connect this brand through this application. The app for the android user and iPhone users has been given below:


Barnes and Noble Contacts on Social Media

As we know that Social media is the best platform to connect with people and brands. All most of the brands have their interest on Social media. People can connect with the brands with this way and make their knowledge best about their favorite brands. Here we are providing some social media contacts of Barnes and Noble.

Barnes and Noble page on Facebook: Barnes and Noble Facebook

Barnes and Noble page on Twitter: Barnes and Noble Twitter

Barnes and Noble page on Instagram: Barnes and Noble Instagram

Barnes and Noble page on LinkedIn:  Barnes and Noble LinkedIn

The company, in general, is a huge company offering various kinds of services and also enables in bulk ordering of books. There are other things like the nook which is a tablet through which you can download the book directly onto it and pay a little less than the original book itself.

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