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Tim Hortons Locations Near Me

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Want some fresh coffee and something to go with it. Then Tim Hortons is the place to be. They serve some delicious coffee as well as some amazing cakes which can kick start your day with ease and also make the best of what you can get out of it. After reading this article, you will surely know what Tim Hortons is all about and also find the Tim Hortons near me.

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Tim Hortons Locations

Tim Hortons is a fast food chain of restaurants that offers people with a variety of donuts as well as other kinds of deserts that they might be fond. But the find the closest Tim Hortons nearby, there are several ways by which you can get the nearest Tim Hortons. The first way to get to the Tim Hortons near you would be to access Google maps. What this does is that it gives you a lot of content that can let you reach the location of the nearest Tim Hortons. All this is done by accessing your IP address and also your GPS to get to know your exact location. It helps in guiding you to the closest Tim Hortons there is. Also, it enables you to know the fastest route there is to the outlet and also lets you know the estimated time that might take to reach the particular place. The other way is to call the customer care service number of the company and to fulfill the queries that you may have. All this is done with ease and also is effective as the people over there are numerous and helpful to guide you to Tim Hortons locations near me. Another what would be to find out the closest Tim Hortons via friends or people to guide you to the nearest Tim Hortons that you might want to go.

Tim Hortons Wiki

Tim Hortons is a chain of fast food restaurants which primarily based in Canada. They also are spread across the globe serving over nine different countries. All this started back in the year 1964 on May 17 when two hockey players decided to start their hamburger restaurant. These two were none other than Tim Horton and Jim Charade who started the fast food chain in Hamilton, Ontario. But the brand began to expand more and more creating a worldwide dominance. On August 16, 2014, Burger King purchased the brand for a whopping $11.6 billion dollars. The chain of restaurants runs in over 4613 different locations worldwide. And also employees well over a 10000 people. They have a net income of over 511.7 million dollars annually. Their headquarters is currently situated at Oakville, Canada. But the menu is quite something as they serve up a lot of baked goodies such as bagels, donuts, etc. They have some excellent coffee’s which are to die for, and everything that they serve is very nutritious and also appetizing. They are sure a huge chain of fast food baked goodies and also keep expanding furthermore.


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Tim Hortons Store Locator

Tim Hortons isn’t that tough of a place to find as they are situated everywhere and anywhere. They also have many ways that can be helpful in getting you to one of the Tim Hortons nearby. The best method would be o use Google maps as they are efficient, and also they don’t require much work to get to the closest Tim Hortons. Most of the work is down to the map itself, and it will guide you to the particular place within no time. The other ways would be to use the map that has been provided on the website which can be of help as they pinpoint the exact place that you might want to go and also tell you the direction on how you ought to reach there. There are handy as it also shows the Tim Hortons nearby yourself to let you know what is going on and what are the latest developments that are taking place in the franchise. The other way would be to contact some of the people at Tim Hortons to let you know how can you possibly reach there and also get there. They can also assist you in knowing which one might be the closest or the one which can suit your taste and can meet your requirements.

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Tim Hortons App

Tim Hortons have the best apps there is a fast food chain of restaurants. They have the app under the name of TimmyMe. The app lets you do several different things and has various functionality. It helps you to pay with the app. It is possible through its feature of storing five credit card onto the app such that you don’t need your wallet to pay for at Tim Hortons. Also, there are reward points given out to each of the orders that you place and can fetch you something big in the end. Other than this the app also lets you find the nearest Tim Hortons nearby and also guide you to the outlet with any problems as it is linked to Google maps which make it even more convenient. Moreover, the apps also let you know the nutrition value of the different products that they have on their menu and their latest offers which might be going on in their restaurants. The app also lets you interact with the customer care if you want to give some feedback or have some queries as well. Below are the provided links from where you can download the app.


Tim Hortons Contacts on Social Media

Tim Hortons have a broad range of social media contacts which lets you know about the various developments as well as enables you to know about the offers as well as the new stores that might be opened nearby. Below are the links to the respective social media sites that will help you in following them.
Tim Hortons Page on Facebook –  Tim Hortons Facebook Tim Hortons Page on Twitter –

Tim Hortons Page on Twitter – Tim Hortons Twitter 

Tim Hortons Page on Instagram – Tim Hortons Instagram Tim Hortons Page on YouTube –

Tim Hortons Page on YouTube –  Tim Hortons YouTube

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