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TGI Friday Near Me – Locations [Nearest TGI Friday]

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TGI Friday Near Me: Looking for a nice place to dine as well as have a good meal. Then T.G.I Fridays which sure is one place to go for quality food and have a fun time in general. The restaurant is unique and special in many ways. After reading this article, you sure will know where the nearest TGI Fridays are located and also find the closest TGI Fridays near you.

tgi fridays near me, tgi fridays locations

TGI Friday Near Me – Locations

The locations of T.G.I Friday are huge. They have lots of Branches across the globe. But to find one in America or anywhere else is not that tough of a job as well.

The nearest TGIF to you can be accessed in several different ways. The Friday near me could be found by using Google Maps. What this helps you in doing is that it tends to access your location via GPS and also track down your IP address to know the exact location of where you are. And after that, it manages to find out the nearby TGIF outlets. It comes very handy as it also enables you to know how many locations of TGIF there are and also which one would be the closest to your location. It also lets you know the amount of time it might take to get there through different ways.

A very handy feature in locating the nearest TGIF. Another way is to contact the customer care service number which the company has for each TGIF outlet. The people over there are friendly and also are truly humble to help you reach the TGIF nearby. Also, they will let you know about the latest developments to the palace in the franchise that might be of some valuable interest. The other way would be to ask some people to guide you to the TGIF around you such that you can reach the place with no problems at all. But then this may be of actually some use as you can get to know different ways to reach the place without any hassles and get the best route there is to get to the TGI Friday near me.


TGIF ( Thank God It’s Friday ) is an American chain of casual dining restaurants that is very famous all across the globe and also is privately run. The franchise was started back on March 15, 1965, almost 52 years back in New York City, USA by Altan Stillman and Daniel R Scoggin. The chain of restaurants are famous not only for the food but the way it looks. With the red and white strips all across its logos, and also by the usage of medieval doors in its appearance, the restaurants sure do have interesting attractions to them. Along with food, the restaurants serve beer and other types of commodities as well. It is a fun time whenever you might be here.

The company was under Carlson Company till 2014. But after that, it was purchased by Sentinel Capital Partners and TriArtisan Capital Partners. But the restaurant is all across the globe and serves in more than 60 countries excluding the United States of America and has more than 900 restaurants worldwide. The menu of TGIF is mainly light but incredibly filling as well. They provide how low carbohydrates food as well as low-fat menus to suit your diet. But in the UK everything is almost gluten-free, but the taste is amazing and remains the same worldwide.

Website –

tgi fridays near me, tgi fridays locations

TGIF Near Me – Store Locator

Locating one of TGIF’s stores might be a problem if you are visiting there for the first time. But then it isn’t an issue as you have several ways to locate TGIF. The primary way that people tend to find the nearest TGIF would be to use the website of TGIF. It is handy as it gives you the locations that are closest and within reach of you.

Other than this you can access Google Maps as this is one the best ways if the website doesn’t help you out. You can get to know the shortest way to the outlet as well. It gives you a guided route to the TGI Fridays locations near me that you may desire to go and also proves to be the best way to reach the place faster and without any problems. All these methods are very helpful when you want to go to TGIF faster. They have several outlets which be tracked down and also can call the customer care service number for further guidance if you cannot find the place through the above two methods.

TGI Friday Near Me – App

The TGI Fridays application is efficient and also the best way to access almost all the services they have to offer on the go. What this app enables you to do is you can order the food online and pick it up when you go there such that you don’t have to with any longer for the food. You can locate the restaurant faster and even better as it helps you to not only find it but also tells you the direction to the restaurant as well.

You can use the app to also pay at the place via credit card or debit which can be synced to the app itself. You can view the menu and other sorts of beverages and place an order as per your desire. Also, you can check your points and other kinds of offers as every Friday there is something special which goes around over here which can fetch you some crazy offers when you visit here on Fridays. But in general, the app has a nice UI and also is smooth and efficient as well. Below are the links through which you can download them.


TGI Contacts on Social Media

TGIF is a franchise that is highly active on their social media sites so make sure that you follow them on the links that are given below and get to know more about them and their upcoming activities as well.

TGI Friday Page on Facebook – TGI Friday Facebook

TGI Friday Page on Twitter – TGI Friday Twitter

TGI Friday Page on Instagram – TGI Friday Instagram

TGI Friday Page on LinkedIn – TGI Friday LinkedIn

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