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Dairy Queen locations near me

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Looking for dairy queen near me but still not get the answers to your questions and still unsuccessful in finding the way for dairy queen then, we love to help you. On this web page, we are providing you the information by which you will get many tricks regarding your destination for Dairy Queen Company’s stores.

Dairy Queen stores are usually known as DQ, is a chain of soft serve ice cream and fast food restaurants and owned by International Dairy Queen, Inc. dairy queen specials starts from its Ice Cream in the world and Company also love to serve its customers that’s why DQ launched many of the features by which its customers easily get the way for its stores and in this article we want to draw all those features in your mind then, please have a look below on those information which will provide you the knowledge of amazing features driven from you adorable Dairy Queen Company for you.

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To find closest Dairy Queen – Use the map

This is the best trick by which you may know your nearest Dairy Queen store.


For your kind information, I want to tell you about a map given below then, remember this thing that it is not only a photo of the map, It really works as a map and helpful for you in finding your way to your destination. You only need to click on this Map and after this, It will start its work. You will see a notice, will be drawing by your web browser for allowing the map to track your current location then, you should click on allow and after that, the map will start to tell you about the way for your nearest Dairy Queen store and tell the name of the road also and tell you all the information in brief. In my suggestion map is amazing in use and the best way for getting your destination but if you are not comfortable with this tricks then, read the article more because we have a lot of tricks for you which helps in making you dairy queen nearby

Dairy Queen Wiki

The Dairy Queen which is as known as soft serve formula was first developed in the twenty-second day of July in 1940 by Douds, Iowa-born John Fremont “J.F.” “Grandpa” McCullough. First, they convinced friends and trustworthy, customers to offer the product in his ice cream store and grown a wonderful dairy queen ice cream company.

dairy queen menu, dairy queen locations

Industry: Restaurant

Area served: Global

This world famous soft ice cream serving company has 4800 locations in the world and dairy queen menu is famous for its soft-serve, fast food, milkshakes, sundaes, hamburgers, hot dogs, chicken, french fries,  soft drinks, and Salads.

Dairy Queen Store locator

Dairy Queen invent a software named Dairy Queen Store locator which helps you in getting your way easily for Dairy Queen store and no need to find the store locator on any website because below this heading, we have provided a link for Dairy Queen store locator and it is very easy in use. You only need to click on the link given below and after that, a new window open on your screen that is called store locator then, there will be an empty box on the new window and requiring for the address or ZIP code of your area then, you only enter the information which will be requiring by the store locator designed by Dairy Queen Company then, it will show the route for DQ store with the help of the map and tell you all about the Dary Queen stores means This Store Locator feature tell you that how many DQ stores are in your city and which one is near you and which one is nearest to you and much more and in my suggestion it’s also a good trick for getting dairy closest to me

This is the link for Dairy Queen Store locator   Dairy Queen Store locator

Dairy Queen App

This is really innovative idea come from the mind of Dairy Queen Company by which you may spend some dairy queen happy hour. Due to this application, you may feel that you are always with Dairy Company. If you are an android user then, you may download it from Google play store and If you are an iPhone user then, you may download it from iTunes and below this heading, we have provided you both of the links regarding your application download. We have mentioned that which link is for the android user and which link is for iPhone users. In this application, company provide you full help regarding your every query, you may know the daily working hours of Dairy Queen Company, you may know about the store locator designed by your favorite Dairy Queen Company, you may use delivery feature of Dairy Queen store, you may learn many of the things about your adorable Dairy Queen Company through this application then, please have a look at the links provided by us for downloading Dairy Queen Application.








Order Online from nearest Dairy Queen Store

This unique facility is only for you designed by Dairy Queen Company and we are with you for telling that how you may use this feature and how may you get the page of order online. There is no need to worry too much because below this heading we have provided you the link for order online page designed by Dairy Queen Company for your assistance. You only need to click on the link which is given below after that there will be a new window open on your screen and there will be empty box which will be requiring your address or ZIP code and you should enter the information which will be requiring by order online page because this page is designed by Dairy Queen Store and after that you will see that Dairy Queen order online page confirm you that the delivery is possible or not in your area, if it is then, a menu will open in front of you and you can select your order and enjoy your feast at your home and feel like dairy queen locations near me

nearest dairy queen, closest dairy queen

This link is for order Online page designed by Dairy Queen     Dairy Queen Order Online

Some important information regarding Dairy Queen phone number listed below, please have a glance

Dairy Queen Corporate Office Address

International Dairy Queen, Inc.
7505 Metro Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55439

Contact Dairy Queen

Phone Number: (952) 830-0200
Fax Number: (952) 830-0301
Email: Email Dairy Queen


CEO: John Gainor
CFO: Mark Vinton
COO: Troy Badar

Dairy Queen Customer Care Service number:   +1 866-793-7582

Dairy Queen holiday hours

We are not sure to take the holiday hours of dairy queen hours because every dq has its different timings for your service. Usually Dairy queen store open at 10 AM and when we start talking about Dairy Queen holiday hours then, DQ may be closed on occasions and may be not closed then, if you seems that this day is some special like Christmas or Thanksgiving day then, quick a call at your nearest Dairy Queen store for confirming about the Dairy Queen holiday hours and take the flavour of dairy queen ice cream cake

dairy queen ice cream

Social Media Contacts to find Dairy Queen locations

Dairy Queen company love to hear from you that’s why Company has developed a lot of resources for taking feedback from you then, you should stay with the company on social site because it is really helpful for you in getting nearest dairy queen location, you may share your idea with company and much more and if you stay on social sites with company then company update you daily about its policies and you never need to search dairy queen close to me then please have an eye on the information looking below for social site links of Dairy Queen Company.

This link is Dairy for Queen facebook : Dairy Queen Facebook

This link is for Dairy Queen Twitter : Dairy Queen Twitter



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