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Amazon Customer Service number

Amazon is a brand that we all are aware of. Here we are going to tell you about Amazon customer service, all contact details and all that a customer can require. We all have heard that how customer services go wrong and then customers loose interest from their loving brands due to poor customer service.

But Amazon takes care of its customers very well. It has included so many options for its customers to contact them, so they don’t have any inconvenience. So below are some of the methods by which you can easily contact Amazon in the case of any issue and get amazon support.

Amazon Customer Service , amazon customer care

How to connect to Amazon customer care

The first thing which actually irritates everyone while connecting to any customer service is that not knowing exactly how to get ahold of a real person to talk to. But here amazon offers so many options for its customers to choose from, depending on the problem you are facing and the type of problem you are facing. So below are the several methods through you which you can contact to the Amazon customer service, choose according to your needs.

  1. Contacting Amazon by Phone: TollFree

One of the easiest ways to contact Amazon is to contact them by phone but also this is not one of the efficient methods that you can opt for also it is quite a time taking. Through phone, no matter what type of query or question you are having you can easily reach out to a customer service agent by calling their amazon phone number or toll-free number:

contact amazon , amazon phone number

TOLL FREE NUMBER: 1 (888)-280-4331

You need to wait in this for a significant amount of time unless you finally connect to the customer service agent and also may be you need to answer some of the questions related to your query,  amazon customer support all time available for their customers.

  1. Amazon Contact Us page

The next method which is much efficient is contacting amazon through its own contact us page. This is one of the efficient way to address the issue your are facing since here you need to answer a number of questions related to your account in order to verify your amazon account before the Amazon customer service can begin to help you with. So follow below steps in order to contact amazon.

  • Visit and log in with the email id and password that you use for shopping with Amazon.
  • Now scroll down to the Amazon’s main page and click on the Help given at the ride of the main page.

  • After clicking on the Help option a new screen will be there with some of the most common issues that customers face, but if that doesn’t match to yours then move ahead and click on the Need More Help? And then click on Contact Us option. Here if you are not logged in then you may be directly prompted to the log in page.

  • After that, in next screen it lets you specify all the information that will give Amazon’s customer service team a quick overview of the problem you are facing and it will be easier for them to solve your problem as soon as possible. Also, you don’t require to fill all the details here, but the more you can do as ultimately it is going help you and solve your problem. So now let’s discuss what all information you need to fill out here.

  • The first option given is “What can we help you with?” Here you need to tell the amazon team about the type of product or any service that you need help with. After you provide one of the answer here you might also get different suboptions here.
  • Next part it asks for is “Tell Us More about your issue.” Here you can choose the drop down menus to select the details about the problem you are having with the product/ service then according to your selections here also you might get different sub options
  • After this once you have filled all the information then next option you will get is “How would you like to contact us?” and options will also be available there. Sometimes depending on the type of information you have provided above amazon will one of the contact option by itself, after selecting any option the contact process will get start.
  • If you have chosen the Email option then you will see the screen that is given below. You can also edit details that you have provided above if any of them is incorrect by selecting the option Edit Items and Details. Otherwise, click on the space given for the Enter additional information. Here you can provide all the other additional information if any regarding your service or product.

Once you are done click on Send Email.

  • Now if you choose contact Amazon via Phone then you will get a screen as below. Here enter the Country you belong to and your phone number. And then select any of the two options “”Call me now” or “Call me in 5 minutes” as per your availability.

  • If you have selected option Amazon service by chat then a screen will pop as given below. Here you can have live amazon customer service chat by filling up the details such as Name, Email, and your query. And then click on Start Chat option.

So these were the methods through which you can easily contact to the Amazon Customer Service Team. Also, below are some of the tips that you must follow while connecting to any of the contact amazon customer service

  1. Use the guided contact process: As already mentioned above, calling to the amazon customer service number can be a bit lengthier process. So you should opt for the guided process as detailed above.
  2. Provide as much information as you can: You must provide the maximum information as you can in the section where you need to fill the detailed summary of your query.
  3. Be patient: We know that it is hard to maintain patience but still you should be patient enough so that you can efficiently address your query to the Amazon customer service team.

Amazon customer service can be really helpful when you are stuck and got an issue with the product or the service of the product. As personally I have also dealt with it and found it really helpful. It is very unlikely or not true that once you are in the contact of the Amazon Customer Service Team and your concerns don’t get fulfilled properly.

amazon com customer service , amazon support

So this was the quick and easiest way on how to contact Amazon customer service.

Also if are very eager and fond of Amazon then you must be aware some of the very common facts about the Amazon. So have an eye below to know about some of the important as well as famous facts about one of your famous brands.

Amazon is an American e-commerce company that was

Founded on: July 5, 1994, Bellevue, Washington, United States

Founded by: Jeff Bezos

Headquarters: Seattle, Washington, United Sates

Hopefully, you won’t have any problems with anything while you order one of the famous brands in all over world Amazon. But, with that said, accidents, as well as mistakes, do happen on all the shopping websites and with s Amazon too. So there can be a situation that you may get stuck in an unfortunate situation where your order may get uncannily late or doesn’t arrive at all after confirmation order from your side or it arrives broken, defective or parts missing. Whatever the issue may be, you will require getting in touch with the Amazon’s customer service department. So here we are for your help, there are so many methods to connect with the Amazon customer service but most of us are don’t aware that which one is more efficient and can solve your query much more easily. So to solve your this query we are here. Below is the detailed method that how one can connect to the Amazon customer service.

amazon customer service number , call amazon

As one of the latest fact that I really want to share with all of you that as per American Customer Satisfaction Index it is revealed as the reigning and undisputed champ in both Internet retailing and across the entire department in overall customer satisfaction. As per Amazon’s CEO “Jeff Bezos” believes on the philosophy of truly caring for their customers. Bezos has some of the building blocks for its customers that his follows with every customer as listed below:

  1. Don’t Just Listen to your Customers, Understand Them

As per Amazon’s CEO, the base of Amazon Customer Service is to understand their customers fully. Understand their needs, queries, problems, everything that is related to amazon to provide them a better service.

2. Serve the Needs of the Customers

With this statement, you can easily understand how efficient Amazon Customer Service Team will be and take responsibility to fulfill the needs of their customers. As Amazon says that “We are not competitor obsessed, we are customer obsessed.” So it has provided amazon helpline number.

3. Never settle for 99%

Bezos always tells his team to never settle with 99% of accomplishment always try to achieve 100% or even more than that. There should be always 100% customer satisfaction.

4. Respect Today’s Customer

Bezos firmly believe to always respect their customers and never take them for granted. As some of the most known brands have fallen high from the perches due to the poorly mishandled situations while dealing with the unhappy customers.

5. Strive to Create a customer centric company

As per Amazon’s CEO, he believes in that  “If we can arrange things in such a way that our interests are aligned with our customers, then in the long term that will work out really well for customers and it will work out really well for Amazon.”

6. Don’t be afraid to apologize

One should never be afraid to accept their mistake and take all the responsibilities if something goes wrong, as there is nothing shameful. It is better to accept the mistakes rather than finding reasons to hide it.

From all the above points you can easily conclude that Amazon is a most customer-centric company than any other else.Through the innovative and world-class self-service technologies, amazon supports from 75+ service locations all around the globe. Amazon supports all its customer service technique via amazon number, email or chat. So customers can opt for the any of the above methods to contact Amazon customer care.

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