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Longhorn Steakhouse locations near me

Roads are making confusion in your mind and don’t know the answer of Longhorn Steakhouse near me then, we love to help you in getting the directions of your loving Longhorn Steakhouse Company store. Longhorn Steakhouse has a wide variety of Non-vegetarian food for serving its customers and the word steakhouse indicates its quality to take steak then, there is good news for steak lovers that Company has invented a lot of new ways for getting its directions to its customers and we want to draw all those ways in your mind.

We have checked all the methods those we are providing to you for getting the directions of Longhorn Steakhouse and we believe that all these tricks will be helpful for you in getting your way for Longhorn Steakhouse, then we request you that please proceed ahead and read below for our learnings to get your way.

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To find Longhorn Steakhouse near me – Use the map

First, We want to tell you the easiest way for getting your Longhorn Steakhouse locations. In my suggestion, the map is the easiest way for getting anyway for anywhere and please make sure that your internet should be in working because this map is an online software and needs internet for locating you and I appreciate this map software because, in the map, we can see all the paths by which we get our target then, there is a map given below for your support and there is no need to take tension that how you operate this type maps because we are always with you then, you only need to click on the map and it starts working automatically because we programmed this online software as you desire, after that the map needs permission from your web browser for tracking your current location then, you need to allow the map for tracking your current location by which map may draw a map from your location to your favorite Longhorn steakhouse then your journey become easy because the map will show you every road, every stoppage, and every sight to you those are coming between you and your destination then no need to worry too much and step ahead with this Map software.

Longhorn Steakhouse Wiki

Longhorn Steakhouse is popular for its wide variety in Steak and dinner owned by Darden restaurant Inc. and generated $1.5 billion dollars in sales in its 480 locations.

longhorn steakhouse near me , longhorn steakhouse locations

Founded: 1981

Longhorn Steakhouse serving its quality in United States, Peurto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Malasia and we are with you in your search regarding closest longhorn steakhouse.

Longhorn Steakhouse locator for Longhorn locations

Longhorn formulate a formula for its customers and given a name Longhorn Steakhouse store locator by which you may the answer of your query regarding longhorn restaurant near me, this store locator also works for your help and this software is invented by your adorable Longhorn Steakhouse company, by using this store locator you may reach Longhorn Steakhouse store and there is no need to worry for taking this tension that where you got this store locator and how to use because below this heading, we are providing you the link for getting the page of store locator designed by Longhorn Steakhouse Company then you only need to clink the link, after clicking on the link, there will be a new window appear on your screen which is known as Longhorn Steakhouse store locator and there will a blank box which will be requiring for your address or ZIP code then, you need to enter the information which that page will be requiring to you and after it, store locator starts its work and show you the directions from your entered address or ZIP code to your favorite Longhorn Steakhouse company through the map and you never need to search for longhorn near me then, please have an eye on the link given below for store locator

This link is Longhorn Steakhouse store locator      Longhorn Steakhouse store locator

Longhorn Steakhouse App

Longhorn Steakhouse launched an application for you name Menu for Longhorn Steakhouse and this application will help you in telling you about the menu of the company, you may use Longhorn Steakhouse store locator in this application and update about the longhorn steakhouse hours. For downloading this application, you need an iPhone because this application is only for iOS and you may download this application from us also. There is a link given below for downloading the Longhorn Steakhouse application but remind you one thing again that this application is for iPhone users and Company is about to launch a new application for android users then, please look below for downloading Longhorn Steakhouse app on your iPhone.

Online Order from nearest Longhorn Steakhouse

Now, You may celebrate your steak at your home with your family and friends because your adorable Longhorn Steakhouse Company decided to provide delivery services to its customers then, you may plan for a small party at home or make an event with your colleagues at the office with Longhorn Steakhouse company. For using this delivery feature, you need to book your order from the Internet and please don’t create worry in your mind to take where you get that page and how you may book your order because we are here for your help then, there is a link provided below for online order online page designed by Longhorn Steakhouse Company then, please look below for that link which connect you with the Longhorn Steakhouse Company and no need to search for longhorn restaurant locations

This link is for order online page Longhorn Steakhouse   Order online Steakhouse

There is some important knowledge of Longhorn Steakhouse Company listed below:

Longhorn Steakhouse Headquarters:
Darden Restaurants, Inc.
1000 Darden Center Dr
Orlando, Florida 32837

Contact LongHorn Steakhouse

Phone Number: (407) 245-4000
Fax Number: (407) 245-4462
Website: Official Website
Email: Email LongHorn Steakhouse

This link is for contacting the Company of Longhorn Steakhouse Contact


CEO: Eugene I. Lee Jr.
CFO: Ricardo Cardenas
COO: Todd A. Burrowes

Longhorn Steakhouse holidays

Longhorn Steakhouse Company decided some holidays for its restaurant but there is no need to take tension too much because most of the Longhorn Steakhouse closed on Christmas Day and Easter Sunday but store owner also have the right to close its store for some day and it may be closed on local holidays also then nothing is confirmed about longhorn hours.

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Social Media Contacts to find Longhorn Steakhouse

Longhorn Steakhouse developed some of the resources for you because company want to provide its service best that’s why they created pages on social sites by which its customers make its goodwill in the market and there are many benefits of the company behind activate a page on the social site but it is also useful for you because if you live with the company on social sites then you may suggest any idea to the company or ask any query and never need to search for longhorns near me then please have a look below for the social sites’ links of Longhorn steakhouse Company

This link is for Facebook page of Longhorn Steakhouse  Longhorn Steakhouse Facebook

This link is for Twitter page of Longhorn Steakhouse         Longhorn Steakhouse Twitter

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  1. My husband and I visited the Longhorn Steakhouse on August 18, 2021. We were surprised to see that all of the staff had masks on again. My husband asked our server if that was a corporate mandate. Her reply was, “yes, customers called corporate to say they felt unsafe with workers not wearing a mask.” WHAT!! Places are having a hard enough time finding people to work for them, so why not punish the people who are still coming in to do their jobs? Why not tell the customers that called, to get take out if they felt unsafe? I enjoy my food at Longhorn, but I will not be returning as long as that stupid mandate is in place! Nice job, corporate, for standing up for your loyal employees! Especially when it is so hard to hire anybody these days. We ate at the Clinton Township, Michigan location on Hayes and M-59. If customers were feeling so unsafe, why do they not mind being around all of the unmasked customers? I am so livid, on our servers behalf!

    Angry Customer

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