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Shopping Malls Near Me

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Many time we want to go for shopping or outing, we face many trouble because we don’t know about where is the shopping mall near me so we are here to help you to find the shopping malls near to your location. Today, In this article I will tell you how can you easily reach to the nearest shopping mall.

Here we providing the map which will help you to find the malls nearby to your location. Now you can easily reach in all malls in which you want to go and which is near to you, for shopping, enjoyment etc.

To find the closest Mall near me – Use the map

Here we are providing the map from which you can easily catch the shopping mall near to your location. This is not only an image of the map when you click on it, it will ask for your current location and then you have to fill your current location, it will tell you about all nearby malls. You can select one of them according to your choice after this it will show you the direction of that selected mall with the single road street and landmarks. If you will follow that direction, you will easily reach the nearest mall which is near to your location. During using this map you should remember, you should make sure that your GPS should be on and net should be working in properly.

People mostly fix their meeting in the mall and sometimes they want to spend their time with their friend and also want to do some shopping but one question comes again and again in their mind, that where they can go. Sometimes they ask many people for nearest mall. They face many problems during this So now no need to worry we are here to help you on this topic.

As you have seen we have provided the map which helps you to find the closest mall near to your location.

Top five malls of United States:

There are many malls in the USA but here I have provided you top five malls details in the United States.

Mall of America

Mall of America is the largest mall in the United States and it was open in 1992. MOA is located in Bloomington, Minnesota (a suburb of the Twin Cities) and it is operated by triple five group. Now it has more than 500 stores and restaurant, and it the point of attraction for the tourist. In one year, 40 million people visit this mall and they enjoy the beauty of this mall.


Customer Service: 952.883.8800

King of Prussia Mall

King of Prussia Mall contains dedicated retail space more than anywhere in the United States. This king of Prussia mall has been divided into three parts: the court, the plaza and the Pavillion. This is the point of attraction for the tourist and they are 20%  of this mall visitors. King of Prussia Mall has been opened in 1963 and this mall is situated in the king of Prussia (a census-designated place).


Customer Service: 610-265-5727.

South Coast Plaza

South Coast Plaza is largest shopping center of California in the United States. It includes the world’s premier brand names, jewelry and home decors in fashion, such as Christian Dior, Tiffany & Co., and Lalique. South Coast Plaza is also largest mall in west Coast in the United States and its annual income through sale is more than $1.5 billion which is the highest in united states.


Customer Service: +1 800-782-8888

Millcreek Mall

Millcreek Mall contains 200 shops, five departmental stores, and restaurant and it was open in1975 by Cafaro Company. Cafaro Company still operates it. The most important thing about Millcreek Mall is that Pennsylvania’s lack of sales tax on clothing, this mall attracts many visitors towards it from Canada, Ohio and New York. An interactive mall map which is given on the website allows all shoppers to plan their best trip with their friends and family before leaving their home.


Customer Service: +1 814-868-9000

Aventura Mall

Aventura Mall has been opened in 1983 and this is the super regional shopping mall in united states. Aventura Mall is the largest mall in Florida and it has approx three floors of retail space, which include more 300 retailers. The owner of this company is Turnberry Associates and Simon Property Group partnership of 33.3%. It consists of the large area which is equal to 2,700,000 square feet so it makes it third largest shopping mall in united states. There is also a cinema complex which is known as AMC Aventura 24 theaters that consisting many numbers of the screen showing movies in many languages.


Customer Service: +1305-935-1110/ 954-964-9098

I am sure you will enjoy this map, as you know very well it is very easy to operate this map. Now you can plan any meeting, movie shopping etc in any nearby malls.


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