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Open or Closed on Memorial Day Monday 29th May 2017

Open or Closed Holiday Hours on Memorial Day, 29th May 2017 : Memorial Day is one of the ten federal holidays which is recognised nationwide by United States Government. Most of the non-essential federal government offices remain closed on Memorial Day and also the federal employees get paid even if they receive the day off. Most of the private sector employees also receive paid time off or special holiday pay on the Memorial Day.

Memorial Day is an American holiday, that is observed on the last Monday of month May every year, honouring women and men who died while serving in US military. The Memorial Day is originally known to be as Decoration Day. The holiday was originated in the years following the Civil War and it became one of the official federal holidays in the year 1971. The citizens of America observe Memorial Day by visiting the cemeteries or memorials, participating in parades and by holding family gatherings. It also marks the beginning of summer season.

Open or Closed Holiday Hours on Memorial Day 2017

On this National Holiday, most of the places in America remain closed, which you must be aware of before leaving your house. So, have a look at below given list of holidays.

  • Most of the people will be wondering that whether banks will remain open on Memorial Day or not. Then here is the answer to your query, Most of the banks will remain closed on Memorial Day. However, some of the banks will also remain open, such as Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and TD Bank.
  • Next most important holiday that people will be searching for is that will the mail get delivered on Memorial Day. So let me tell you that there will be no mail delivered on the day, all the USPS branches will remain closed also all federal offices will not be running. Only the UPS and FedEx will be delivering the packages.
  • Schools will remain closed on the Memorial Day, either they are grade schools, middle schools, high schools, universities and colleges etc. So make sure your children may not get ready for the schools.
  • Bars, as well as Clubs, will remain open on the Memorial Day, so you can visit these places near to you if you want.
  • Big box stores will remain open on Memorial day and will be working on their regular working hours.
  • Most of the restaurants will remain open on the Memorial Day, and many of them also serve free and even discounted meals to veterans and active military service members, so check in to any of these restaurants and enjoy the meal here.
  • Conveniences Stores will remain open on the Memorial Day
  • All Fast Food Restaurants remain Open on the Memorial Day, so you can a have out with your family in any of the fast food restaurants.
  • Grocery Stores will remain open on the day, so you can visit and buy the stuff.
  • Liquor Stores may remain open or closed too, as it will depend on the state or/ city in which you are located in. As in some of the areas, it is allowed to sold alcoholic beverages on the Memorial day whereas in some of the cities it’s sales is prohibited on Memorial Day.
  • Movie Theatres will remain open on the Memorial Day
  • Pharmacies and Drug Store will remain open on the Memorial Day, however actual pharmacies may also remain closed or may operate reduced hours.
  • Shopping Malls will remain open and be working on the Memorial Day

So these were the stores which will remain open or closed on the Memorial Day. For further information regarding some specific stores, malls, restaurants or any other place, you can search here on our website for a particular brand and be sure before leaving home.

Also, let’s have a talk on some of the Memorial Day Traditions as well. Cities and towns in United States host the Memorial Day parades incorporating the military personnel and members of the veterans’ organisations. Some of the largest parades that took place till now are in Chicago, Washington DC and New York.

Memorial day is all about American soldiers who made the ultimate sacrifice for their country, due to which the above listed federal offices, stores remain closed in recognition of the day.

So, this was all about the list of stores that may remain closed on the Memorial Day. Before leaving the home have alook to the above list so that you don’t have to face any inconvenience.

Happy Memorial Day 2017, 29th May.

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